Thank you for coaching with Girls on the Run! We look forward to a fun and memorable Spring 2018 GOTR season! Key dates: Season runs February 19 - May 12, 2018 5k - May 12, 2018 at Paul Brown Stadium

  • Girls on the Run Greater Cincinnati
  • Signup Deadline is 3/1/2018

Available Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach

About This Event

Coaches are the backbone of the Girls on the Run organization. Volunteer coaching requires a commitment of both time and energy, but it is an extremely rewarding experience as you become an active role model to these young girls.


Each of the Girls on the Run sites must have at least one Head Coach and two to three Assistant Coaches. The maximum number of coaches per site is six. Coaches may only coach with one site each season.


Head coaches are the main point of communication for their team and the GOTR office, but all coaches share in the leading of the lessons. The girls should see no difference in leadership from any level of coach. You are all equals in their eyes. 


For 10 weeks, teams meet twice a week for 1.5 hours. New coaches are required to attend a ½ day training session in the winter and all coaches must attend the 5k on May 12. 


Coaches do not need to be competitive runners, but they do need to possess a positive view of fitness and healthy living. Each week, coaches work directly with program participants (ages 3rd -8th grade girls) to teach them healthy habits, while also inspiring and training them to run the Girls on the Run 5k at the end of the season. 


Overall, the time commitment for coaches is about 5-6 hours each week for 10 weeks. This includes travel and preparation time and meeting with the group twice a week. Coaches are also required to attend the end-of-the-season 5k on May 12 with the participants to encourage them, which is the most inspiring day of the season to see how far the girls have come! 


Finally, consistency is extremely important to program participants so all coaches are required to attend practices for the entire 10-week season. If you are considering becoming a coach, we ask that you do not take this commitment lightly.